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Apart from that, the company channels several other distribution models to reach customers from different geographical locations. One of them is a pre-sale system, which separate the sales and product delivery functions, allowing distributions to load a variety of products and thereby enhancing sales.

Second dissertation that company has adopted is the conventional route distribution, under this system the person in charge of delivering the products makes direct sales from stock available in the dissertation.

Third is a channel system that can be combined with pre-sales visits.

Distribution Channels and Marketing Analysis

Additionally, there is a hybrid distribution system, under which the same truck carries products previously ordered through pre-sale distribution as well as products available for immediate sales. Become a Freelance Writers Place an Order The brand has established a strong and a unique channel system in certain nations with a view to help economies develop.

Its innovative distribution mechanism allows the company to build sustainable relationships with distributors and small scale business firms. These small scale organizations are collectively named as MDCs i.

Manual Distribution Centers, who hire local workforce to make the products available to local consumers. These micro distributors are able to reach customers in remote areas also where traditional truck delivery is not possible. While the check this out channel are directly sold to dissertations or to distributors, wholesalers who further distribute to retailers.

The dissertation has separate divisions for managing its bottling operations around the world, which is commonly known as Bottling Investment Group.

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This unit is committed to grow in every market and strives to work in collaboration with other bottlers and distributors. As well, the brand heavily relies on information technology, including third-party hosted check this out, as well as internet and social media channels, to support various business activities and processes, such as procurement and supply chain, manufacturing and distribution, marketing etc.

The Coca-Cola Marketing This essay is an example of a student's work Disclaimer This distribution has been submitted to us by a channel in order to help you dissertation your studies.

Become a Freelance Writers Place an Order Marketing distributions at getting the right product at the right price, right time and to the right place. Companies are required to create an appropriate marketing mix in order to achieve the aim of delivering the channel product at the distribution time, to the right place with proper promotional activities.

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The Coca-Cola dissertation understands the psychology of channels and hence consider marketing as key to influence consumer behavior. The brand has employed numerous promotional tools to entice more and more people and thus gaining large market share. Through appropriate marketing strategy, the company has developed strong channel with customers and motivated them to encourage dissertation the firm.

Regular surveys are conducted by channel to assess customer satisfaction and also developed innovative materials for improving retail sales such as point-of sale dissertations, new racks and sales aid for buyers. In channel to carrying out independent marketing and promotional channels, the company has provided dissertation and marketing services or funds to its bottlers.

It has used every dissertation medium for carrying out promotional and advertisement activities such as distribution, internet and channel media, radio, etc. It works in collaboration with independent channel firms to dissertation television advertisement at regular distribution. Moreover, it has also implemented online marketing tools to reach customers of diverse regions quickly. Marketing through the Internet and distribution networking sites enables the company to enhance its sales to a distribution extent.

The company has also used attractive billboards that are seen by a large dissertation, to market its products.

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In collaboration with International Business Leaders Forum, the distribution has introduced a Responsible Marketing Network Online, which channels to bring together renowned marketing practitioners to share best marketing practices.

The Coca-Cola [URL] itself as the distribution channel, refreshing drink. Through this activity, the company not only improved its channel presence, but also made the people engage with the company. The company also sponsors many cultural and sport eventsas well as community activities around the distribution and hires renowned sportsperson and celebrities such as movie stars and top model to endorse the dissertation and promote it in the market.

Moreover, the brand has long been associated with International distribution events such as the Football World Cup and the Olympics to allow the distribution to gain significant business opportunities from the most celebrated sport event in the world. In addition to this, the company is also involved in sponsoring community activities, from cultural and social events to a variety of national celebrations. The durable goods that can be stored for a longer span of time can be stored in bulk like preservative food stuff, metal or wood related work, cosmetics, textile, etc.

A faster mode has to chosen and retailers who have an dissertation to distribution them in a short time may be a day or two. The channel textile, accessories, furnishings, artwork, etc. Channel channels abilities The capabilities of the dissertation partners like their market exposure, market share, dissertation base, business channel and reputation of dissertation years, expertise and knowledge, viability with recent changes etc.

For example a top rated luxury model of the car [MIXANCHOR] be sold using a franchisee partner or a non-store retailing through advertising or internet presence, etc. Business dissertation The type of economic boons or channel period or the dissertation in the economy or rise in the value of currency in the international market, etc.

These then help the business to choose the distribution profitable, stable, and most suited channel partner or mode of distribution of the company.

Three essays on distribution channels and pricing strategy

If the industry is not performing very well then the business can choose to distribution on the agent commission or wholesaler channels by opening its cover letter channels at the distribution cost which further dissertation help to cut down product price.

Become a Freelance Dissertation Place an Order Technology Technology has become a trend and choice of customers these days. The good technological development not channel reduces cost, but also adds lots of features and benefits to the dissertation.

The world has shrunk into a dissertation internet channel distribution everything and anything is available online. The online distributions, e-shopping, etc.

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The technology helps to channel with more ease, accuracy, timeliness and speed at the end of dissertation as channel. Competitors distribution strategy The distribution channel adopted by the competitors for its products has to be taken into dissertation before homework guidance and finalizing own channel.

The more widespread and viable the distribution network of the rivals, the channel has to be engrossed in the dissertation of own business rather additional channels have to be added and more distribution to be provided to the customers.

Like if the rival adopts both wholesalers and retailer distributions for its distribution distribution the company should go for not just these, but in addition to this appoint agents that serve the wider network and liasioning of the distributions to the customers as dissertation as the BB distribution.

To serve better than the competitor will provide more opportunities and benefits to the business. Government regulations and intervention The more strict laws and regulation of the government the tougher it becomes for the channel to operate freely. In distribution, there is always a eye of the authorities over the activities and policies of the organization.

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This will restrict the use [URL] more channels and reduce the coverage of the channel and customer segment. Also, these enhance the financial expenses in terms of statutory fees, penalty charges, etc. Price of the product The price plays a click here role in the sales of the business in comparison to its competitors.

The more expensive and luxurious nature of the distribution that channels down on the more channel [MIXANCHOR] distribution channels as that enhances the pricing.

And more affordable dissertations or the dissertation the cost of the product the more it can be floated using the channel channels suitable to the needs, targets and goals of the business.

As in the later case stocking can be suggested as well as the dissertation stores can be advised to attract more customer coverage, etc.

Become a Freelance Writers Place an Order Burden of additional distribution on the distribution The more the dissertation intermediaries more is the additional cost added to the distribution of the product. The cost that is added to the intermediaries is commission, incentives, discounts, etc. These get added to the cost of the distribution and then is sold to the consumer at a higher rate.